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If you are here to apply or you got invited, Make sure you make an account first. If you were invited, make sure you go to applications, than go to if you were invited section, than copy the questions. Make a new thread or topic than paste than answer as you go. If you are here to apply, than make sure you go to applications, read the requirements, than go to Application template, copy the questions, than make a new thread or topic, than paste it and answer the question on the topic. Good luck. JDC55

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 Requirements to join.

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PostSubject: Requirements to join.    Thu May 28, 2015 6:27 pm

If you have under 100 kills you apply for recruit. If over 1,000. you have to apply for Solider. Must have a 1. Kdr. If your application is weak or weak reasonings, you may have trouble getting accepted. If you are denied, than you will have to wait a week. {7 Days.} You can only be in 1 clan at a time. We have no problem with going negative. It only depends on your skill, and how you act. While you are in this clan, make sure you have fun. If you are not just give ZinNi or JDC55 a message saying you quit. We have no problem with people leaving the clan. Make sure you really want to be in this clan while applying. Your application cannot be sloppy. Make sure you use decent grammar. Grammar will let us know, that you are mature and you know your stuff. Grammar will give you a better chance at applying. Ranking up will take work. You have to show me you have improved. For example, if your kdr was 1.03 last weak, than its a 1.06, than that is how I know you are working. Training is one good way to rank up. If I see some evidence you are putting in work and training, you will be ranked up.
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Requirements to join.
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