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If you are here to apply or you got invited, Make sure you make an account first. If you were invited, make sure you go to applications, than go to if you were invited section, than copy the questions. Make a new thread or topic than paste than answer as you go. If you are here to apply, than make sure you go to applications, read the requirements, than go to Application template, copy the questions, than make a new thread or topic, than paste it and answer the question on the topic. Good luck. JDC55

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 semiatic ap DENIED

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PostSubject: semiatic ap DENIED   Thu May 28, 2015 7:17 pm

What is your PB2 Nickname? {Or login} Semiatic9

How many kills and deaths do you have? 178 kills and 238 deaths

How did you find this site? i saw it on jdc55s profile.

How long ago did you join PB2? 2 years

Why do you want to join us? i think this clan can be good even tho it is new

What is your favorite map? i like good dog parkour

What is your LDR? {Level Developer Rank} 0

What is your KDR? {Kill Death Ratio} 0.75

Are you applying for Solider,Recruit,Or prestige member? solider

What is your play style? {Selfboosting, Grounding, Camping etc...} grounding

What are you good at? {Snipers,Railguns etc...} i like shotguns

What server do you usually play on? california

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PostSubject: Re: semiatic ap DENIED   Thu May 28, 2015 7:25 pm

Weak reasons to join. Not a 1. KDR.

Application Denied.
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semiatic ap DENIED
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